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"Svilanit" - the new RBC member

We are proud to present the "Svilanit" company, an international plant with branches in Europe, the production plant and administration in Slovenia. Slovenian brand "Svilanit" is a group of home textile products of high quality and domestic production. With an experience of over 75 years, "Svilanit" is a leader in Slovenia, as well as in the Western Balkans region in the production of: towels, sheets, covers, blankets, pillows, programs for the tables, ties, accessories etc. Its own development and design allows the "Svilanit" company's products be present in malls and high quality textiles stores in all the countries of the Western Balkans as well as in many European countries. For its corporate customers, "Svilanit" produces a textile promotional material - the HoReCa program (business gifts, etc.), production of textile facilities in the catering, hospitality and healthcare businesses.