O2A Construction

Construction company O2A Construction is a Serbian company that has been with you for more than 10 years. We started as GR Obrenović 2A and very quickly we gained the trust of leading companies and investors in Serbia with our work and quality. O2A Constuction is above all a reliable partner, with professional and professional engineering staff and attitude towards work. We are engaged in performing reinforced concrete works on residential, commercial and industrial facilities, masonry work and machine plastering. In the domain of our activity, we are equipped with all the necessary equipment to perform them. Our satisfied long-term investors, now associates, are the best indicator of quality, trust and respect for the agreed deadlines. So far, we have done over 150 facilities at various locations both in Belgrade and in other parts of Serbia.

We employ 70 carpenters, 40 reinforcement workers, and, of course, the required number of auxiliary workers to perform reinforced concrete works. We have a long-term cooperation with the company Perry, whose system formwork we use for vertical structural elements. We have 3000 m2 of slab formwork, as well as 300m2 of wall formwork. Also, the above-mentioned, long-term cooperation with the company Peri as well as with the company Doka provides us with all the necessary non-specific structural elements needed for each project.

In this segment of rough construction works, we employ 40 masons and 20 auxiliary workers. We have all the necessary auxiliary scaffolding, cranes, mixers, hoppers as well as containers for disposal of rubble.

We currently own 18 machine plastering machines and over 50 employees in our sector. We must boast that we cooperate only with top brands in this segment of construction, such as Sika, Maxima, Bekament, Mixer, PFT, etc. With good organization and efficiency, we came to a daily output of 2500m2 of extraordinarily plastered walls and 50 tons of consumed material.

O2A Construction SR

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