Elektro Umi

Elektro UMI d.o.o. is a family company that was founded in 1989 and is fully owned by its founder, and then, even as a craft company, it had a vision to become a regional leader in the production of distribution cabinets.

In its program, it combines activities related to the design, production and servicing of low-voltage plants and electric motors. Within that program is the production of command and control units and measuring and testing equipment.

The production facility covers an area of 1600 m2 with all the necessary facilities and personnel who are not only qualified, but also fully committed to the quality of the product or service provided at a given moment.

Our program includes complete technology for mechanical and manual sheet metal processing, as well as a line for surface protection against corrosion using the plasticizing technique.
It is also planned to modernize and increase the business office space due to the acquisition of modern machines that will enable an increase in the efficiency, productivity and quality of the product process.

For the last fifteen years, we have been more actively participating in dedicated industry projects. One of the projects in which we participated, for the needs of the SDPR, was the production of command and control equipment for the NORA B-52, as well as cable forms for its energy sub-system. We are engaged in several projects in the production of prototype cable bundles. We are in the records of producers of weapons and military equipment of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Serbia, with a permit for the development and production of energy subsystems for complex combat systems of weapons and military equipment.

As a partner of Elektro UMI d.o.o. is at all times dedicated to finding the best solutions and fulfilling the demands of our clients, and for this reason we see our future in conquering new technologies and improving technological and personnel capacities.

Elekrto Umi

Elektro Umi

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