Aqualab Laboratories

The Aqualab laboratory was founded in 2002. In addition to biochemical and microbiological analyses, at that time it was the first private health institution to receive permission to perform genetic analyses. From then until today, we have grown into one large system that today has over 100 business units throughout Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Aqualab laboratory has developed cooperation with other laboratories, both in the country and abroad, so we are partners with the largest chain of laboratories in Europe, Synlab, a German laboratory that has over 450 laboratories in its system in 36 countries on 4 continents. In addition to the German Synlab and cooperation in the field of genetics and the Neobon prenatal test, we have established a successful business and technical cooperation with the French laboratory Biomnis (Eurofins) - the non-invasive prenatal test Ninalia.

Our laboratories have the most modern laboratory equipment: biochemical and hematological analyzers, analyzers for the determination of tumor markers, drugs and hormones, coagulometers, electrolyte analyzers, ELISA analyzers, centrifuges, Real TIME PCR machines, microbiology analyzers, autoclaves and more.

We pay special attention to the pre-analytical work process itself, and we were the first to introduce a system that no private laboratory in Serbia currently has. We also have a Laboratory Information System that greatly facilitates the elimination of human error, as well as the formation of a database.


Aqualab laboratory is to contribute to improving the health of citizens through the provision of high-quality laboratory testing services. We carry out our mission by paying exceptional attention to users with a focus on patient care, as well as professional consultations with clinicians, we continuously improve the quality of work with an innovative approach through constantly expanding the spectrum of analyses.


Aqualab laboratory is to be recognized as a leading institution in the field of highly specific laboratory diagnostics in Serbia and the region.

The goal

Aqualab laboratory is the satisfaction of users through the availability and quality of the services provided.



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