Family Medica

A chain of surgeries and polyclinics

Family medica is a chain of private surgeries and polyclinics whose mission is to take care of your health and the health of your loved ones. We currently have our polyclinics and surgeries in more than 20 locations throughout Serbia, with new openings we will provide the availability of our services to our fellow citizens in other cities of Serbia and beyond. Our goal is to provide medical services from all areas that will be available to everyone - from the North to the South of Serbia.

A wide range of services

Family medica polyclinics and surgeries provide services in the fields of general medicine, gynecology and obstetrics, pediatrics, physical medicine and rehabilitation, radiology, ultrasound diagnostics, sports medicine, internal medicine and its subspecialty branches, pain therapy.

Expert team

Our professional team consists of doctors and nurses with many years of experience. We can boast of a large number of specialists, subspecialists and professors who take care of your health in our offices and polyclinics.

A vision

Family medica polyclinics and surgeries represent a family business with the vision of being the family doctors of your families, because examinations for the whole family can really be done here. Our polyclinics and surgeries have the most modern medical equipment as well as the best team of doctors available to our citizens.

Family Medica

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