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We have inquiries from Russian investment firms - requests to submit proposals for investment investments to them: construction of business buildings, luxury residential buildings, hotels, apart hotels, villas; for projects in the field of agro-complexes, etc. in Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia. Interesting tourist sites (eg in Serbia Kopaonik, Zlatibor, Fruska Gora, Divcibare, spas, Belgrade, Novi Sad… in Montenegro and Croatia locations on the coast, in Slovenia spas and lakes).


RM Alkon Stahl new RBC member

31.01.2020 RM Alkon Stahl new RBC member


VIZUS new RBC member

10.11.2019 VIZUS new RBC member

The elements of design, quality of the production, integration of new materials are all the characteristics of the exterior door. From the simplest examples of aluminum and aluminum-timber door to the bespoke design, with the characteristics and the form, according to the customer’s requests. Developing all processes at the same time, both in the design office and in the production facility, we were able to succeed that our idea achieves ​​its true value in the market.


Belgrade Waterfront a new member of RBC

10.11.2019 Belgrade Waterfront a new member of RBC

The Russian Business Club is proud to present the Belgrade Waterfropnt project. The Belgrade Waterfront, also known as Belgrade Waterfront, is a new $ 3 billion urban center located at 1.8 million square feet, developed by Eagle Hills. Belgrade on the Water will open up new public spaces, putting pedestrian zones at the forefront and breathing new momentum into Belgrade's cultural life.


Kneza Miloša Residence a new member of RBC

07.11.2019 Kneza Miloša Residence a new member of RBC

Set in one of the city’s most attractive districts, Kneza Miloša Residence will represent a showcase of sophisticated construction and unique interiors. Catering to all lifestyle requirements, Kneza Miloša Residence will provide its residents with a 24/7 reception, security, professional maintenance, about 400 on-site underground parking spaces, numerous storage units, and a splendid spa with a valet and a car-wash service provided.

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