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Knauf New in the Knauf Zemun range - Fast-bonding adhesives for K6 and K7 ceramics


Following modern trends in the construction industry, which include technical solutions that enable rapid execution of works, Knauf Zemun has developed two new products. Adhesives for tiles declared as F (Fast) or quick-release in accordance with the standard SRPS EN 12004 meet the increasing number of requirements for this type of product. Fast-bonding ceramic tile adhesives allow the tiled surface to be walkable after 4 to 6 hours.
This is especially important when performing rapid reconstruction, that is, paving of surfaces that need to be done within 24 hours, because using F adhesives the paved surface can be fully used within the stated time. Also, tile-lined staircases are often an important corridor on construction sites, so it is imperative that we make this surface walkable as soon as possible. Knauf has two brand new and unique products for these requirements, the K6 and K7 adhesives. K6 adhesive can be used to place all types of ceramic, granite or gres tiles up to 60x60cm in size on wall and floor surfaces or stairs. The K7 product is intended for specially loaded floor surfaces which are coated with extra-large tile dimensions and at the same time require a speed of execution. Both products have been tested in accredited institutes in the European Union, in accordance with all requirements and standards for this type of product, and are available in our market from 03/15/2020