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VIZUS new RBC member

The elements of design, quality of the production, integration of new materials are all the characteristics of the exterior door.

From the simplest examples of aluminum and aluminum-timber door to the bespoke design, with the characteristics and the form, according to the customer’s requests.

Developing all processes at the same time, both in the design office and in the production facility, we were able to succeed that our idea achieves ​​its true value in the market.
Accuracy of the technical documentation, spatial and temporal organization of jobs, as well as the mechanical equipment, is something we are proud of.

Today, our production facility covers an area of ​​1400m2, relying on 1000m2 of warehouse space.
The basis of the production process represents our equipment from the renowned European manufacturers Elumatec, Hoffman, Weinig. Interphase processes are robotized and accelerated.
By our choice of machines and equipment, the worker is relieved of heavy physical work and can focus on the quality of their work.

Labor training is constant process in our company.
We have consistently implemented the principle that the worker at the final assembly of the product can not have a hand tool for drilling and cutting. This means that all necessary machine processing must be previously made on special machines. In order to do that, everything has to be drawn, timely planned and confirmed on a test sample. Regardless of the amount, each product is done in an industrial way.