Health complex ”Ivanjska Dolina”

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Bidder: Teico d.o.o.

We are glad to present to you 12 special projects in the most attractive parts of Croatia (near Dubrovnik, Plitvice Lakes, Zagreb...). In the submitted projects you have the option of selecting the whole chain of hotels with the spa and wellness centers, exclusive villas with maximum discretion, swimming pools, health complexes with all the amenities for the elderly persons, as well as many other facilities, trade and catering...

Health complex ”Ivanjska Dolina” is located in eastern Herzegovina, 10 km away from Dubrovnik and only 2,5 away from the seaside. The valley area is 616 hectares. It is located in the vicinity of Dubrovnik, near the sea but not on the coast itself, and has a few advantages connected to Dubrovnik: in the summer there is a mild climate, peaceful atmosphere with plenty of opportunities for recreation, golf and relaxation. The complex offers numerous, Wellness and Spa centres and private villas.

The zone will include two complexes, health and sports, which will provide facilities for the preparation and recreation for the toughest sports teams, among which there'll be located a golf area of ​​200 ha.

The complex will be developed in three phases so at its final stage it'll dispose of 30,000 beds.
The peripheral parts of the Valley are designed for luxury villas and apartments and the whole territory is connected by pedestrian and bicycle paths.

The whole teritory is also rich in groundwaters and has its own system of solar energy.

Wastewater is treated biologically and used for irrigation of crops and plantations.
Peace, nature, recreation, golf and many other options and offers throughout the years - conditions that Dubrovnik does not provide.

'Ivanjska dolina'

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