Of the Russian Business Club

Presentation on the RBC web site /

Business people do not have time to search thousands of websites on the Balkans, so we created the websites and where Russians can quickly get the information they are interested in. They often do not know how to find websites and therefore the presentation on our website is the starting point for getting in touch.

Firstly, the starting level of the cooperation is joining the Russian Business Club (since the services we perform are exclusively meant for the club members), and on that basis we post the rich presentation on our website, for a period of one year, and this way you practically get a website in Russian, which Russian potential partners can easily enter.

Presentation in a newsletter for an industry branch

In order to provide the Russian potential business partners even faster and more efficiently with finding the desired reference companies in the Western Balkans region, we prepare special, or better said, specialized branch newsletters, with the volume of 100 to 150 pages in which we present our members:

Branch newsletters:

1. We prepare them in pdf and flash version of the portal and, so that they can be browsed.
2. We send the newsletters to 50.000-70.000 e-mail addresses of the managers across the Russian Federation and the managers of Russian companies and the Russians in the Balkan region. So, we don't stop at the fact that your program - offer can be seen on our website by potential partners, but we go a step further - we additionally engage them, with our recommendation, by submitting their e-mail addresses, on several occasions during the year.

Finding the right Russian partner

for achieving business goals in Russian Federation

For the Russian Business Club members, we provide services of finding business partners in the Russian Federation: investors, vendors, customers, subcontractors, representatives, partners for the formation of joint venture etc., in one or more regions.

After the research, the search through our database and formation of the target group, we start the development of the individual, your only newsletter with the presentation of the program/ offer and references, as well as defined proposals of cooperation, possibly including a video presentation, on the volume of 6 - 8 pages. Then your newsletter - the business offer is posted on our website (optional) and delivered to the target group of the managers' to their e-mail addresses, once or even more times.

We form the target group from our database of over 300,000 Russian companies in Russia. These are primarily investment funds, investment companies, oil and gas companies, commercial and hotel chains and other Russian companies interested in cooperation with the companies from the Western Balkans.

The establishment of companies in Russia

The establishment of companies in Russia

New in our offer! The establishment of companies in Russia
- establishing the companies in Russia
- finding the most suitable offices
- product registrations and other documents
- the most profitable import of goods and customs clearance
- connection with distributors
- cooperation with professional Russian companies for full accounting, HR-legal services
- attracting Russian salesmen to work with distributors, sub-distributors and "key account" networks
- consulting when preparing contracts with KA networks and other sales channels
- consulting in the field of product placement strategy (marketing, merchandising, listing) in all sales channels
- connection with the most successful marketing agencies

Ivan Stefanovich, our new employee and former director of multinational companies in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

Contact: and 00381 69 444 0022
We answer all questions within 24 hours.

Finding Russian business partners

for investment projects in the Western Balkans region

To the Russian Business Club members, we provide the services of finding business partners - investors and co-investors from Russia for the implementation of: tourist, trade, business, production and other investment projects in the Western Balkans.

After the research, the search through our database and formation of the target groups, your business offer for seeking partners, altogether with the presentation of the project, the bidder, the references (we can also post a video presentation), as well as the cooperation proposals (for the building sale with a permit, the sale of the project with the turnkey construction, the "co-investment with has % share in the ownership) we directly send to the formed target group (the posting on the website is not obligatory).

This is the most effective and the cheapest way to secure partners from the Russian Federation and to enter into direct contact.

Organising B2B meetings

We organize B2B meetings at the Russian Business Club in Belgrade or at your place - at your company, when a potential Russian partner requests to be informed on the spot about your offer and proposals of cooperation or at the potential Russian partner's place. In addition to providing a variety of other services, we arrange the plan and the program of the visit in agreement with you and your potential business partner.

Support for fair exhibitions in Russia

for companies from the Western Balkans region

For the companies from the Western Balkans region that exhibit at the fairs in Russia, we can provide the service of bringing quality business people to visit, the potential partners. After defining and forming the target group, we start making invitations that are electronically linked to the presentation and the website of the exhibitors and deliver those to the e-mail addresses of the managers in three occasions: 15, 10 and 5 days prior to the fair.

Video presentation

of your company on the RBC web site

If you dispose of video clips about your company, program - offer, references, investment projects, exclusive real estate, etc., we are able to put the text in it - a speech in Russian. We are able to do a complete video presentation that you can post on both your and our website, on the pages of the newsletters and in the business offer.

Enabling this video clip we come to a multimedia presentation which further attracts the attention and interest of your potential partners.

Distribution of offers and inquiries

for companies from the Western Balkans region

All offers and inquiries that we receive via e-mail directly from the Russian firms in the region or from the Russian Federation, after the analysis and classification by the activities, we deliver for free to companies from Serbia, Montenegro and the region.

The answers can be sent directly to us or to the Russian companies. Our customers of the basic package, have the priority in informing you of incoming offers and requests.

Free informational support

We provide the information support to Russian companies through the website and or directly, by submitting responses to your inquiries. The Russian companies can see the contacts and the web presentations of the potential business partners from the Western Balkans on our web site, sorted by activity. Our team can provide a variety of free information on the possibilities of cooperation with the reference companies. You can get information about the specific business deals: the investment projects that are offered from Serbia, Montenegro and the region, offers for joint ventures and proposals for joint production for export to the Russian Federation, real estate, supply of goods and services as well as offers representation - distribution of products.

Investment projects offer in the Western Balkans region

Russian companies can get information about the specific business deals - investment projects that are offered in the area of Serbian, Montenegrin, Croatian, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. We work exclusively with reliable companies in the region as well as investment projects in our offer absolutely safe for investment. These are the projects for the construction of luxury villas, apartments, hotels, office buildings, aqua parks, etc.

Regularly informed of new projects in the region because we are a source of information, constantly in touch with the owners of investment projects and we are regular participant in trade fairs investment projects such as REXPO in Zagreb, Croatia.

In case you are interested in a specific project, please contact us and we will provide you with the highest quality information, in case you want to personally visit the location, we will provide you with all the necessary support.

On our site provides information on a number of investment deals. Much more information can be found in our internal database because some owners want to remain discreet.

Search for partners in the Western Balkans region

For the Russian companies which are interested in partners from the Western Balkans, whatever the activity, we can do a free search and provide information on their production capabilities and provide direct contact with the owners or senior management for further arrangements.

With rich experience of over 27 years of work in connecting companies from the Western Balkans and Russian companies, we have acquired a very extensive and detailed database of companies that are interested and have the capacity and technical possibilities of cooperation with Russian companies.

In case that a company does not have the appropriate certificates necessary for doing business in Russia (GOST R), we are able to provide contact with established companies which will issue that document as soon as possible.

Companies that need distributors in the Russian Federation

Russian business club also has a database od companies from the Western Balkans region that need distributors in the Russian Federation.

These are mainly manufacturing companies that want to sell their product range on the Russian market.

In addition, is it important to the potential distributors in Russia that products from Serbia are over 51% originating from Serbia itself or originating from countries signatory to the Agreement on free trade, free of duty when imported into the Russian Federation.

Real estate offers

Russian business club has a rich database of partners - real estate bidders. These are reference real estate agencies as well as direct providers, Investors who have offered exclusive locations for sale.

We offer only the most luxurious real estate and locations for construction in Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia and Slovenia. We can connect you with suppliers of authentic old houses, luxury villas, castles and hotels and even islands on the Adriatic coast.

Highlights of the large number of locations for "greenfield" investments in Serbia that may be of interest to invest in productive projects, because Serbia is the only country in the region that has signed the free trade agreement with the Russian Federation.

Everything you have to do is to send us an inquiry about what real estate you need and the operations team of the Russian Business Club will send you the best possible deals from our partners' portfolio.