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Gaztekhprom pays a visit to Termorad Pozega, organized by RBC

The Russian business club organized a visit of the Russian company “Gaztekhprom” from Ryazan and negotiations with the company “Termorad” from Požega, Serbia. The purpose of the meeting was the wish of Gaztekhprom to become a distributor of Termorad boilers on the Russian market, with the long-term goal of creating joint production in Russia. In addition to its own retail facilities, distributors with which Gaztekhprom already cooperates would also be involved. Boilers would be sold under the brand "Titan" – the "Gaztekhprom" company’s own brand.

Gaztekhprom is a private company with one owner, which produces heating equipment under the trademark "Titan", as well as equipment for the food industry. Production began several years ago and is successfully developing, with the products sold throughout Russia and some CIS countries (Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan).

The company, with the total area of 8000 m², is logistically located in the village of Lesnoy in Shylovsky district in the Ryazan region. By the decision of the Government of the Russian Federation, the village of Lesnoy was given the status of TOSER (the territory of improved social and economic development). Potentially, the joint venture would be registered as a resident of TOSER, and thus it will be provided with significant tax assistance, and an investment loan can be obtained from special funds for the construction of production facilities, as well as all communications and roads to the construction site.