Ostrvo Lopud

ID: 13

Bidder: Teico d.o.o.

We are glad to present to you 12 special projects in the most attractive parts of Croatia (near Dubrovnik, Plitvice Lakes, Zagreb...). In the submitted projects you have the option of selecting the whole chain of hotels with the spa and wellness centers, exclusive villas with maximum discretion, swimming pools, health complexes with all the amenities for the elderly persons, as well as many other facilities, trade and catering...

It is located in the vicinity of Dubrovnik, 45 minutes by boat.
Wonderful place at the top of the island.
Luxury villas on the terraces which fit perfectly in the environment area.
The silence, the beauty of nature and the beautiful view.
Private harbor and beach.

The plot is located on a hill overlooking the sea and the town of Lopud. According to the parameters of the construction plan it consists of three different zones. The biggest construction zone is where the villas on the terraces will be located. The rest of the territory is meant for tennis courts, and the locker rooms and lookout points are going to be located in the protected coastal zone.

The main zone consists of luxury villas on the terraces with pools that accompany relief environments. The upper part is going to be made of 8 villas and the lower - of two villas, and the access to the villas is on the main road side.
Cascade courts are arranged one above the other so as to provide a perfect view of the sea.

In the upper part, tennis courts are planned, edged by paths and changing rooms which are located in the field of olive trees.
The villas are located on terraces on the hill slopes. Each terrace has a villa, a pool and a garden.
The villa built on a hill, surrounded by a terrace is fully protected from prying eyes.

12 investment projects

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