Versatile office space

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Bidder: Russian Business Club

Russian business club aims to provide Russian investors who want to invest in the Western Balkans the complete information support in the form of finding the right projects for investment, real estate, land plots for construction, etc.

Versatile office space
PLOT: 1183m2

12 parking spaces



TERRACE: 277m2
800m2 - ground floor and second floor

1.4 million euros

With a population of around 600,000 inhabitants, the beautiful fjords, Venetian churches, UNESCO protected sites, 295 km of beautiful coastline, charming history and new luxury development that is happening across the country, Montenegro is now attracting many travelers coming from all over the world ...

The World Tourism Organization predicts an increase in visits of tourists of 10 percent a year over the next decade.

Everyone who visits Montenegro once, will definitely come back again, because this country has a lot to offer. In particular, there are plenty of benefits when it comes to those a bit wealthier travelers, who want to enjoy the luxury. Celebrities such as singer Emeli Sande organized her wedding celebrations in this magical land. Roman Abramovich discovered this country as a luxury destination a few years ago and has since been a regular guest.

City of olives, maritime gate of Montenegro, the fireplace for centuries of mutual living, regardless of religion and nationality, Bar represents a combination of modernity, tradition and beauty.

It is significant as a dynamic economic center of Montenegro, as well as the city that has a rich cultural and historical tradition. Some of the most important civilizational landmarks in Montenegro, are connected to Bar: here are the preserved remains of the oldest written documents, here is where the most important literary and historical work of Montenegrin Middle Ages was created, since the city was the seat of the oldest religious institution of Montenegro (Bar bishopric) . With an average of 270 sunny days a year, Bar is one of the sunniest cities in the Mediterranean. The pleasant Mediterranean climate attracts many tourists every year but also real estate buyers from many countries (Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, France, Ireland ...) Besides for the vacation there is an increasing number of properties that are used for business purposes.

On the coast that lies on 44 km, of which more than 9 km are the beaches, and 67 km - the shores of Lake Skadar, Bar is an ideal place for both tourists and investors.

The port of Bar runs for over 100 years the largest port in Montenegro, which has significant advantages in relation to other Northern Adriatic ports.

The port has a free trade area, it also has a number of advantages, such as: exemption from import duty, the widest range of features, low corporate tax, simplified procedures and so on.

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